At the julia> prompt, run these commands:

Pkg.add("ParallelAccelerator")          # Install this package and its dependencies.

Since we add features and fix bugs very frequently, we recommend switching to our master branch:

Pkg.checkout("ParallelAccelerator")     # Switch to master branch
Pkg.checkout("CompilerTools")           # Switch to master branch"ParallelAccelerator")        # Build the C runtime component of the package, and configure the package for your environment.
Pkg.test("CompilerTools")               # Run CompilerTools tests.
Pkg.test("ParallelAccelerator")         # Run ParallelAccelerator tests.

If all of the above succeeded, you should be ready to use ParallelAccelerator.

It is a good idea to run Pkg.test("ParallelAccelerator") to make sure it runs in your environment. If you install a new C/C++ compiler or BLAS library after installing ParallelAccelerator, be sure to run"ParallelAccelerator") and Pkg.test("ParallelAcclerator") again to pick up the changes and confirm that they worked.